About Us

CWB is one of the most successsful manufacturers of electronic goods worldwide. There is a good reason for our success. Environmental protection, awareness of our responsibility towards society and our employees, we pursue a fair business standard and true value for our customers.

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About the Group

CWB Group - the supreme supplier for low voltage electrical

Founded in 1988, the CWB Group is a leading manufacturerer for low voltage electronic products and components.

Chairmans speech

Constant growth, constant change, constant innovation

Thirty years of research, thirty years of success, thirty years of company history- and now we are here, as one of the worlds largest suppliers for electronic components. Growth and transformation towards excellence are the result of our guiding principle, the pursuit of perfection. Thanks to our dedicated researchers and efficient workers we can offer high quality products and outstanding service. In a constantly changing world we are a reliable partner for our clients, a steady home for our staff and a trendsetter in the industry. We strive to live up to our good name and continue to be a company that brings innovation and quality to a whole new level.

Company Culture

By putting our heart into our work we build a better life

Our mission: To provide quality products and services to our customers.

Our vision: To become the quality supplier to the global low voltage electrical industry.

Core values: Innovation, Practicality and the pursuit of excellence. Responsibility, honesty and cooperative partnerships.

Corporate philosophy: Customer satisfaction, win-win cooperation, beyond ourselves.

Our development strategy

Keeping pace with boundless growth

The strive for perfection is the driving force to be the world’s leading supplier for electronic products. Focusing on industry and market standards we take every effort to set new standards in the industry. Pushing informatization and industrialization is an integral part of our every action. We hold on to a people oriented, law abiding and socially responsible company culture.